Scalable Video ECDN Software

Flink Enterprise is the next generation technology for corporate video streaming – high definition video streaming without additional hardware.

See The Difference

Flink Enterprise uses direct connections between devices to create an internal video delivery network that reduces external bandwidth requirements by up to 95%. Build a fast, scalable and efficient video delivery architecture with Flink Enterprise.

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Flexible Integration

Flink Enterprise is a fully containerized application that can run and scale on any cloud or on-premise infrastructure.


On Premise

Get full control over all parts of Flink Enterprise with an on-premise installation of our service.

  • Full application control & 100% privacy
  • Independent from external services & powerful configuration

Cloud Based

Use Flink Enterprise without installing additional hard or software in your local network.

  • Managed Hosting & Auto-Updates
  • Quick Setup and Auto-Scaling

One Software - Incredible Results

Use Flink Enterprise as robust video delivery network inside your corporate network without installing any hardware and get incredible results in no time.


Almost No Bandwidth

Flink Enterprise provides innovative video streaming algorithms that use only a fraction of your company‘s bandwidth.


Brilliant Video Quality

Flink Enterprise can ensure smooth video streaming and TV like video experience in high definition due to its enterprise-optimized video delivery architecture.


Quick And Easy Setup

Flink operates without software or an additional setup. The viewers simply open their browser or apps and start streaming.

All Features

Flink Enterprise comes with an extensive management platform and lots of supported technologies, protocols and video players.


Improve Communication


Create Digital Culture


Educate Your Employees

Use Modern Media Channels


Reach Everyone In Your Company


Monitor All Your Activities

– Made in Germany –

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