Get Better Video
Quality For Less Money

Flink OTT massively increases your available bandwidth,
scales up to your audience size and absorbs traffic peaks.
Use our revolutionary webRTC-based technology
to take your live stream delivery to the next level!

The Best P2P CDN On The Market

Improve Video Quality
Improve Video Quality

Flink OTT dynamically provides as much bandwidth as required by your audience. Never think about the number of your viewers again. Just watch it grow!​

Save 70% CDN Cost
Save 75% CDN Cost

Flink OTT significantly reduces the required CDN bandwidth while increasing the average viewing time of users. This enables you to reduce costs and increase your revenue. All with just a single extra line of code!

Flawless Streaming
Flawless Streaming

Flink OTT provides a powerful system to protect your streaming servers and absorbs unexpected traffic peaks. Serve 10x more viewers than before without changing your setup!

An Auto-Scaling Video CDN

Flink OTT integrates your audience into the streaming process to stabilize your live streams and webcasts. Viewers will connect and share your live content among each other. This is the final step in making your live stream globally scalable and reliable. Say goodbye to lagging live streams.

See The Difference

Compare a normal traffic overview during a week full of live events with the next week in which Flink OTT is integrated. Our technology saves an average of 75% network bandwidth.

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