Strive Launches P2P ECDN With Redlof Media

Marvin Sieger
September 11, 2018

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Strive Launches P2P ECDN With Redlof Media

Next Generation Enterprise Video Streaming

Today we proudly announce the launch of our brand new ECDN streaming solution Flink Enterprise. We developed Flink Enterprise together with our partner Redlof Media and successfully deployed it for their customers like Siemens and Swiss International Airlines. The technology is based on Strive’s server-side managed P2P technology Flink (short for Fast Link). Flink was mainly used for linear OTT optimization and television transmission. Until now. While this is an excellent use case for WebRTC-based P2P networks, it is not the only scenario in which Flink is applicable. P2P technology is equally useful for ECDN video streaming setups.

Corporate Culture

A strong and clear corporate culture, shared values and solidarity are the most important drivers of a successful company. The involvement of employees and the communication of corporate values are crucial. This can be achieved by creating strong communication channels for each employee. Examples include live streaming employee meetings or on-demand video workshops. This task is becoming increasingly difficult as large companies often have globally distributed offices.

Why Enterprise Video Streaming Is Hard To Solve

Digitalization is a top priority in almost all large enterprises. To communicate efficiently and interact with their employees, large enterprises need scalable and bandwidth-efficient video streaming solutions. A major problem of such solutions is the company’s network infrastructure. The transmission of high-resolution video data into the buildings of a company with potentially hundreds of employees can lead to severe network congestion. Slowing down all other digital business processes.



Large companies have employees and offices around the world. To connect all these points and deliver high-quality content to every part of it an extensive distribution network is essential. This network must consist of distributed parts around the world to meet the high demands and deliver content simultaneously everywhere.


Time Consuming & Expensive​

The only way to build a corporate network suitable for the upcoming task of mass video streaming in businesses is to greatly expand its hardware capabilities and improve its overall organization. An expensive task that poses further challenges for the IT departments, which are already heavily strained by the process of digitization.


Bandwidth Limitations​

Most corporate networks are not designed to process large amounts of video data simultaneously. When ingesting high definition video content, company networks get easily overloaded. This significantly reduces user experience and can slowdown key business processes.

A P2P Approach To Solve The Streaming Problem At Redlof Media's Customers

Today, we are very proud to launch our ECDN Streaming Solution Flink Enterprise – Together with our partner Redlof Media, we are pleased to offer a software-based solution for enterprise-streaming. This Solution enables large corporations such as the media giant Siemens to use video streaming as a next-generation communications channel.


Fast Implementation

This software-based approach comes without the need for special equipment or the installation of plugins. Our WebRTC-based solution improves overall usability and video quality while saving a lot of traffic.

gear wheels

Real Time Analytics And Controlling

We provide a real-time analytics system. That is accessible through our specially designed dashboard to monitor video streams.


Network Specific

We developed Flink Enterprise as a cloud and an on-premise solution. That way it can be integrated directly into a company's own server structure or just use our cloud servers.

content delivery

Local Destribution

Flink Enterprise uses its P2P network technology to stream video data only once every building. Then its locally distributed to every device without consuming a lot of bandwidth.

Case Study - Strive & Redlof Media Launch Flink Enterprise!

Markus Redlof, CEO of Redlof Media, one of Germany’s leading media agencies and experts for media solutions stated:

Strive's P2P Enterprise Solution proved itself to be a valuable asset for every company considering high-quality enterprise streaming. We are delighted that Strive shares our vision of being not just a service provider to our many different customers, but an active partner who can help us with words and deeds.

Markus Redlof, CEO at Redlof Media

More Than 5,000 Concurrent Viewers With Flink Enterprise

Flink Enterprise has successfully delivered high-quality video streams to more than 5,000 simultaneous viewers for Redlof Media. Redlof ’s experience in the media industry, combined with Strive’s state-of-the-art ECDN solution technology has resulted in a high-quality webcast system for the B2B sector.

ecdn-p2p With Strive

We are always interested in feedback, so please feel free to reach out to us. Thanks for reading, have a great day and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated with new content and information about P2P live streaming and Strive!

About Strive Technologies

Strive is a leading technology provider for OTT broadcasters and live streaming companies. Our technology “Flink” is used by broadcasting companies around the world to improve video QoE and cost efficiency. Based in Germany, Strive developed Flink over a seven year period of time, constantly improving and adapting the technology to the quickly shifting market requirements. Today, Flink connects over 150,000 users worldwide on a daily basis, saving our customers over 80% of CDN traffic with our unique server-side-managed Peer-To-Peer network.



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Strive’s core technology “Flink” is available in three variations, depending on your specific use case. Flink can be applied for both linear OTT TV broadcasting and corporate enterprise streaming. Our strong partnerships and streaming expertise form our all-round service Flink 360.


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