StriveCDN Presents P2P Case Study at CDS 2018

Alexander Schaefer
April 19, 2018

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StriveCDN Presents P2P Case Study at CDS 2018

StriveCDN presents case study about P2P video delivery at CSD 2018

StriveCDN Presents P2P Case Study at CDS 2018

We are super excited to announce our CEO Alexander Schäfer as a speaker at the Content Delivery Summit 2018 in New York on May 7. We will present a case study about the effects on live video delivery when using WebRTC based P2P technology.

Right now, P2P video delivery is more and more becoming a hot topic among broadcasters and OTT platforms again. New players are entering the market with fresh technologies that make no more use of the former P2P standard BitTorrent. Instead, more centralized and controllable network approaches are becoming the new standard to manage the big amount of data handled by direct WebRTC connections between devices. Strive will give you a presentation of the current state of P2P video delivery, new architectures and the modern possibilities regarding network performance and quality metrics when using P2P CDN acceleration.

Is P2P Viable For Online Video Delivery?

This is the title of our case study and also the question that we want to discuss with you at the CDS 2018. Join us in Panel B5 at 1.30 PM for a compact presentation of the results that we got while using StriveCDN’s server-side managed P2P network with 5 of our customers. We will show you real data about traffic savings and quality improvement from a time range of over 3 months and present key insights of what you can actually achieve (and what is yet to come) when using WebRTC live streaming technology.

Happy to see you in NYC!

About Strive Technologies

Strive is a leading technology provider for OTT broadcasters and live streaming companies. Our technology “Flink” is used by broadcasting companies around the world to improve video QoE and cost efficiency. Based in Germany, Strive developed Flink over a seven year period of time, constantly improving and adapting the technology to the quickly shifting market requirements. Today, Flink connects over 150,000 users worldwide on a daily basis, saving our customers over 80% of CDN traffic with our unique server-side-managed Peer-To-Peer network.



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Strive’s core technology “Flink” is available in three variations, depending on your specific use case. Flink can be applied for both linear OTT TV broadcasting and corporate enterprise streaming. Our strong partnerships and streaming expertise form our all-round service Flink 360.


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